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How I'm Preparing For Autumn


So I know its been a long time since I uploaded my first blogpost, and honestly it has taken me a while to fall back in love with writing. Apparently exams do that to you, or so I've learned. Anyway I've decided to kick back into it and am going to share the things I do to 'prepare' for autumn (so to speak).

Hot Drinks

As the weather starts getting colder (which I'm not going to lie hasn't really happened yet) hot drinks, for me at least, become more and more of a staple. Costa trips, holding a warm cup on walks to defrost your hands and topping your drinks off with whipped cream and marshmallows become more of a regular occurrence than ever before. We start swapping our summer-y iced frappes for lattes however if you're anything like me hot chocolates are way to go. I've decided upon the best hot chocolate options to fit anyone's requirements in the hope you'll find one right for you.

Coffee machine drinkers:

For those of you with coffee machin…

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